How to Attract and Retain Members of a Club

When golf was given the green light after the Covid-19 infection rate dropped, and restrictions eased, there was a dramatic increase in demand for participation in playing golf. More women and younger people became interested in the sport compared to previous years.

The UK has a plethora of golf clubs and the increase in demand trend is expected to continue moving forward. Therefore, golf clubs need to up their game to retain and attract members. Having spectacular golf courses may not be enough to hold onto the members of the club. Below are a few ideas on how to attract and retain members of a club.

Create special offers

This works if the club is looking for new members. Have special deals like 10% off the first year’s subscription. A monthly subscription is also a great idea as some people don’t like to commit to an entire year so easily.

Allow for weekend memberships

Many people cannot find the time to play during weekdays which results in a financial loss to them. Creating a weekend membership only at a reduced price will cater for these types of people.

Host social events and tournaments


People can do the advertising for the club free of charge just by word of mouth. If they have a good time, they are sure to tell someone about it which increases the awareness of the club.

Reward loyalty

Those members that have been with the club for long periods of time should be rewarded in some way. A small gift of appreciation can have a huge impact on them. After all, it is human nature to want some sort of recognition.

Upgrade facilities and equipment

This is important as the facilities are a part of the identity of the club. It should be maintained well but after some time, if need be, it should be upgraded. This shows the members that the club is going the extra mile to make their time spent at the club a better experience. It can be as simple as getting more comfortable seats.

Go online

If your club is not online in this day and age, you are certainly missing out on the benefits of having a website. Make sure people can sign-up online granting them easier access to the club. The club should also be able to interact with members through their website and keep members informed of any upcoming events or competitions.

Try implementing some of these ideas to stay ahead of the competition and build a solid membership for your golf club.