Golf as a Means of Uplifting Humanity

The world is plagued with a lot of inequality and suffering and unfortunately, this is the reality we live in. From poverty to war, the consequence of this is detrimental to people all around the globe. However, people are resilient and by uniting and working together, the burden of these consequences can be lifted.

Many organisations selflessly take on the work of alleviating people who are in need. Uniting through sport is one excellent way of bringing people together to make a lasting impact. The National Golf Club Challenge together with On Course Foundation does exactly this to help our servicemen and women who were wounded in the line of duty.

For more information on how The National Golf Club Challenge works, get in touch with us on our contact page.

Fundraising events are vital to achieving these goals, so below are a few ideas on how golf clubs can raise money for the On Course Foundation and be part of The National Golf Club Challenge.

Golfing expo

Create an expo with everything to do about golf. Try getting a golf celebrity to attend and increase attendance. Get creative with fun activities and short programs, something that the whole family can come and enjoy. Make money from the ticket sales, food, and drinks.

Auctions or raffles

Approach companies to sponsor the club with prizes like golf gear or a weekend getaway. For raffles, the participants pay a fee for a ticket and draw cards with different prizes allocated to each. For auctions, the participants will try and outbid each other for the various prizes which can be very successful in raising funds.

Golf tournaments or competitions

The club can have numerous golf competitions or tournaments with a prize for the winner. For the bigger events, players should pay a small fee to enter which will go towards the fundraising money. People are always willing to prove their skills and the club should have no problem in getting participants.

Golf lessons

Offer basic golf lessons to players at a reasonable price. The club could get professional players to do the lessons which is sure to attract the masses. Spread it out over a couple of days so that that the students don’t feel overwhelmed.

During any of the events, the golf club can get merchants to come and sell golf products like shoes, clubs, and golf bags at better prices and ask for a selling fee. Let them know that this is all for a good cause so that they are aware of the goal.

Making an impact on the lives of those in need can be easy when we’re working together to achieve it. Let’s impact together!