The 2015 National Golf Club Challenge

May, June & July 2015

Supporting Help for Heroes

We invite your Golf Club to join us in supporting our inured troops by taking part in the 2015 National Golf Club Challenge, in support of Help for Heroes.

National Golf Club Challenge

The National Golf Club Challenge is the UK’s largest amateur charity golf competition – the aim is to bring thousands of golfers together on their own Golf Courses throughout the United Kingdom for the fifth consecutive year in May, June & July 2015, in an unprecedented show of support for our Military.

The event is about helping our Injured Heroes. Collectively as Golfers “Our” event will go a long way to help change the lives of those who have been wounded in the service of our country, so please join us as we all “Do our bit”

The National Golf Club Challenge works in partnership with Help for Heroes and has the charity’s full backing, winning a Heroes Award presented to the Challenge Team by the trustees in November 2011.

The National Golf Club Challenge enjoys the support from all the big names in the Golf Industry including Your Golf Travel, Bushnell, Direct Golf UK & Motocaddy together with major names in media such as The Telegraph Newspaper and golfing media including Golf Monthly & Golf International.

The aim of the National Golf Club Challenge is quite simple:

  1. To unite Golfers all over the UK to honour our fallen and help members of the Armed Forces injured in the line of duty.
  2. To collectively raise as much money as possible for Help for Heroes.
  3. Host a National Golf Club Competition for Golfers of all abilities to play in, giving them the opportunity to compete against other golfers at a national level – concluding in crowning the winning golf club as the 2015 Help for Heroes National Golf Club Challenge Champions.

How the Challenge Works

The National Golf Club Challenge invites every Golf Club in the United Kingdom to fundraise for Help for Heroes and return their top 5 Stableford scores from both the Men's and Ladies Sections from any event held during the Official Qualification period of May, June & July 2015. Fundraising can be done at any point in the lead up to, on the day of the club's qualification event – and even all year round.

Scores returned need to be in the Stableford format and even if a Golf Club has a pre-existing medal event over Qualification event these scores can be easily converted into Stableford format to allow participation.

The National Golf Club Challenge is split into a Men’s event and Ladies event – with two separate scores returned from each Golf Club that holds a mixed or separate event.

The top 5 scores from the MEN’S section and top 5 LADIES scores will then count as the club's official aggregate score for both the Men’s and Ladies sections. Each club's official aggregate score will be counted against standard scratch and Par.

Each club who has formally entered the Challenge will be required to return their top 5 men’s Stableford scores and the top 5 ladies scores (if mixed event held) to the challenge organisers (on the official results form) together with the fundraising cheque.

Please note: Golf Clubs are not required to enter both the men's AND ladies section. Clubs are welcome to enter the men's section only or ladies section only if needed.

What is Expected From Each Golf Club?

1. Each golf club entering the Challenge will be asked to fundraise for Help for Heroes in the lead up to their qualification event or on the day(s) of their event (held any time in May, June & July 2015).

Please note: Entry into the National Golf Club Challenge charity event can be incorporated into an existing competition or tournament that a Golf Club may be holding – simply convert scores to Stableford (if required) and include your Help for Heroes fundraising activities at any point up to and including their event.

If demand is exceptionally high, the event can be spread over the three days to cope with the numbers but the top scores must be taken from across all three days collectively. The Challenge team cannot accept two entries from the same golf club.

2. Each Golf Club – after obtaining permission from the club secretary or management committee – will need to select the person, or team of people who will take responsibility for organising their National Golf Club Challenge charity golf event.

3. To enter the National Golf Club Challenge, each golf club must fill out and submit the registration form online at (not on the Help for Heroes website). Please note there is no charge associated with participating in the Challenge.

4. Each Golf Club will manage and administer their own Help for Heroes charity effort and raise funds in any way they see fit. This will include organising all the entries from their membership, to organising fundraising activities and prizes that may be applicable.

5. Each club must have their own insurance and liability cover in place. The Challenge organisers will not accept any liability for loss or injury incurred whilst participating in the National Golf Club Challenge.

6. Each club must play to the rules of golf laid down by The R & A.

7. Each Golf Club must play their qualifying competition from their normal competition tees and only one standard scratch score for each section (Men’s + Ladies) can be accepted.

All competitors must play the same course without exception. If your event is a mixed event, two sets of results must be produced and must include 5 scores for the men’s section and 5 scores for the ladies section.

8. Once completed, each Golf Club must return the following to the Challenge team from each section (Men’s & Ladies if mixed event held):

  • The official results form documenting each Golf Clubs official Results
  • The Golf Club's official fundraising cheque made payable to 'National Golf Club Challenge'. The Challenge will then pay the combined amount to Help for Heroes.

The National Golf Club Challenge Website

The National Golf Club Challenge website provides some resources, help and ideas to help make your event/fundraising a success. However, it is not written in stone, if your golf club has a better way of organising, then please do so. The main aim is to raise as much money as possible for the Help for Heroes.

What Happens After Your Qualification Event

The best performing Golf Clubs will progress onto our National Final at Turnberry to compete for some spectacular prizes and for the winning club, win the prestigious ‘Lee Westwood Cup’ as National Golf Club Challenge Champions for a 12 month period.

The stunning trophy, created and donated by Wedgwood, one of the world’s leading trophy makers, went through an intensive sixteen week process from design through modelling to construction and is designed to the same specification as The World Golf Championship Event Trophies.

The National Final at Turnberry, one of the most prestigious Golf Venues in the World, is a sensational two day event, featuring a practice day, two night overnight accommodation, the final competition and a gala dinner, including guest speakers and the prize presentations.

The National Golf Club Challenge Qualification Process - Explained

The National Golf Club Challenge is a Stableford competition and will find the top performing Golf Clubs Nationally using the following scoring system.

The top 5 Stableford Scores from each Golf Club's Qualifying Round during the May, June & July 2015 qualification period, from both the Men’s & Ladies Sections count towards a Golf Clubs aggregate Stableford Score. 3 separate events can be held on each of these days if the field is large but the top 5 Scores from across the 3 days combined must be used.

Each Golf Club identifies the Par and SSS of the course (from both the Men’s & Ladies sections) which will identify what each individual will need to achieve to ‘play to handicap’.

i.e. Par 72, SSS 71 player needs to achieve 37 points to play to handicap. These are then added together to give you the Club score. This can be adjusted from the Par/SSS of the course (Total Club score - Par/SSS x 5).


Club A – Par 71, SSS 72 = 35 points to play to handicap.
35 points x 5 = 175 points

Player 1 – 42
Player 2 – 41
Player 3 – 40
Player 4 – 40
Player 5 – 39
Total 202 Golf Club aggregate score.

202 – 175 = Golf Club official score of 27 points

The easiest way to explain is to base everything against 36 points.

SSS - Par. If it is a + number take if from 36 points. If it is a minus number add it to 36 points.

SSS 72, Par 70= 2
36 minus 2 =34 points required to play to handicap

SSS 69, Par 71 = -2
36 plus 2 = 38 points required to play to handicap

* The above is applicable for both the men’s and ladies sections

Join our Honourable Mission

The National Golf Club Challenge is a call-to-action for all the Golfers of our great country to give back to our heroes who have sacrificed so much on our behalf. When we unite for a cause, the effects are truly powerful, if we join together as a Nation of Golfers to support Great Britain’s greatest asset, our military; we have the power to truly make a massive difference. Please join us in our efforts on golf courses all over the UK to honour our troops.

There are around 3,000 Golf Clubs in the UK, please don’t leave registration to others, your Golf Club really can make a difference to the lives of our injured heroes.

In setting up the Challenge Competition it was always our ambition to encourage over 1/3 of all UK Golf Clubs to take part in a single year giving the event a fantastic opportunity to raise over £1 million for our injured troops.

The organisation of your own challenge qualifying event doesn’t solely rest in your hands; the challenge really is about involving all the membership, community and surrounding business community. To come together to enjoy taking part and collectively ‘do our bit’ to help those fallen while protecting our freedoms.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

The National Golf Club Challenge creates a unique opportunity for golf clubs throughout the UK to come together in a joint show of support for the brave young men and women who have been injured while serving their country. Our aim, with your help, is to raise over a million pounds for Help for Heroes. Let’s do all we can, they deserve our help.

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